We are so pleased that so many students chose to share their projects with us this year. Please find links to projects below, grouped by type. Click on any of the buttons to download more of the students’ projects, or on the links to watch the videos on YouTube! More projects & interviews are still coming in, so check back with us soon.

PowerPoint Presentations

All power point presentations are grouped on a separate page, found here.

YouTube Video Projects

Chloe, Alexander Graham Bell

Kate, Who Do You Want in Your Wallet: Choosing a Face for the New Five-Dollar Bill (Video)

Jora, A More Accessible World for the Disabled (video)

Tessa, Ukrainian Christmas (video)

Lyndsey, Sturgeon Fishing on the Fraser River (video)

Daniel, The Northwest Passage (Video)

Abigail, Harriet Tubman (video), Underground Railroad Diorama (video)

Evelyn, Japanese Internment, Edible Diorama

Mixed Media Projects

Mya, How Joe Wai Shaped Vancouver’s Chinatown and Strathcona Communities (Video)

Sienna, Slavery in Canada (Video)

Carson, The Silver Dart Was Flying Too High to be Remembered (Video), Ailerons and its Function (Video)

Kairavee, Stop! Earth’s Heating Up (video to come)

McKenna, The Evolution of Horse Use

Victoria, A Story Frozen In Time

Rebecca, The Forgotten Stories (Video)

Photo Projects

Callum, The Red Tartened Army

Aya, Ninstints for Instance

Andreas, What was Canada’s Role In NATO During the Cold War?

Sammy, Royal Canadian Air Force

Daniel, La Musique Canadienne

Anna, Harrison Hot Springs

Sam, The Invention of Basketball

Peyton, My Lola’s Immigration from the Philippines to Canada