The Alumni Program allows BC students in Primary or Secondary School an opportunity to take on leadership roles within the Heritage Fairs community, and meet some pretty neat people along the way. Any student that presented at a Provincial Heritage Fair, who has a passion for learning, and is engaged by Canada’s history, can become an Alumni.

Many areas of the Province have Regional Alumni Teams: groups of local students who contribute to the planning, and running of their Regional Fair.  Alumni Team members have been event emcees, accompanied visiting dignitaries, run activities, planned or coordinated workshops, and even been Interviewers themselves! As a not-for-profit organization, BCHFS, and its Regions, are eager for bright minds, positive energy, and helping hands. If you are interested in working with like-minded peers in your area, and developing your leadership skills along the way, become part of your Regional team, talk to you Regional Coordinator (their information can be found under the “Contact” tab).

Every year a selection of students are chosen to represent their Region at the Provincial level. These Alumni Leaders form the Alumni Council, which is the youth component of  the BC Heritage Fairs Society’s Board of Directors. Currently, there are 13 spaces on the Council: one for every Region. These 13 students—from across the province—meet once a month via conference call to discuss Heritage Fair related topics, issues arising in Heritage Fairs provincially, and to work on projects which connect them to their peers, and the greater heritage community.

In 2019, we are introducing a Junior Council and a Senior Council, to make room for more students to participate! Please see our Application page for more details.