“I love BCHFS because Heritage Fair was always a highlight for me throughout Elementary School, and now it continues to be a highlight throughout High School. I would like to stay on and help to improve Heritage Fair and to make sure it continues. I also just really enjoy being able to be involved with people who love history. I will apply for the Alumni program again next year, and I hope to stay with BCHFS even after I graduate.”

— Grade 9 Alumni Council student, 2016


“This program definitely beyond satisfied my expectations. I had so much fun and grew as a leader and student.  I feel like the conference calls are a great way to speak up and have an opinion in a less pressured environment (as cheesy as it sounds) and I found that the other alumni created a really inviting atmosphere.”

—  Grade 10 Alumni Council student, 2015


“The Alumni program isn’t just for that one keener kid but a legacy students can leave behind. Not to mention develop as a trusted and responsible helper for planning and facilitating the Fairs.”

— Grade 11 Alumni Council student, 2015


“The program not only satisfied, but exceeded my expectations, because along with the monthly calls we got a variety of homework- not just essay writing for the entire year, but also interviews, (and best of all…) fun assignments! There was a great variety of projects/presentations that I very much enjoyed.”

–Grade 9 Alumni Council student, 2014