Attending the Provincial Fair as an Alumni is a different experience from attending as a student. Alumni Reps are peer-leaders; they are expected to lend a helping hand whenever possible, and be role models of best behaviour. They also act as assistants to the Chaperones and Coordinators of the Provincial Fair. As such, Alumni Reps are often asked to complete different activities, or refrain from an activity, that other students participate in. Additionally, Alumni Reps play a key role in documenting the Provincial Fair and are responsible for writing articles, photographing, and releasing information online. Alumni Reps, are part of the organizing team, rather than an attendee. This new role creates great leadership opportunities and can be extremely rewarding, not to mention fun!

In order to apply for the position of Alumni Rep, students must first be active in their Regional Alumni Team and sitting with the Alumni Council. See the “become an Alumni” tab for more information.