Abrielle – Vancouver

Abrielle Photo

My name is Abrielle, and I represent the Vancouver region. This will be my third year on the council. My favourite history related career is an archaeologist. The process of unearthing, analyzing and discovering our past and our heritage through artifacts is very fascinating. In my spare time, I like heading outdoors on hikes. I enjoy cooking and baking. I also love to read and sketch.

Participation in the Heritage Fairs Program has enabled me to make many connections with people through the process of creating my projects. I am excited to continue to participate as a member of the alumni program.


Anisha – Delta-Surrey

Anisha photo

Hi, my name is Anisha and I represent the Delta-Surrey region on the BCHFS alumni council. This is my fifth year on the council and I continue to take part in it due to the rewarding learning experience it has provided for me. This program has also equipped me with skills I can use out and inside my school life, such as researching, promoting online and much more. If I were asked what history related career I would like to go in to, I wouldn’t have an answer. Each thing is the way that it is because of history, and everything we do adds on to that history, therefore every career is history-related. Some of my favorite subjects are math and socials. Outside of school I enjoy reading and playing volleyball.



Gita – Richmond

Gita photo

My name is Gita.  In 2011, I participated in the Regional Heritage Fair in Richmond, and was fortunate enough to also participate in the Provincial Heritage Fair in Victoria.  After the Provincial Fair, later that year, I continued my “Heritage” experience by joining the Richmond/Delta Planning Committee, and participating in the Alumni Program as have for the past four years now.

Personally, I believe that the most valuable part about the Heritage Fairs Program for me has been the overall learning experiences I’ve had through the endless opportunities for personal and educational growth provided by the BC Heritage Fairs Society.  Celebrating our heritage ensures that a community will always maintain a connection to its past, continue to celebrate diversity, find pleasure in the differences that define us, and overall contribute towards the unity of our community.

Outside of the BCHFS, I am an advocate for physical literacy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I also love sports, music and family game nights.

If I were to pursue a career relating to history, I would become an Anthropologist – devoted to exploring the various aspects of humanity within past and present societies, and studying the norms and clues of these societies. 


Jaia – Richmond

Jaia photo

My name is Jaia and I represent the Richmond Regional Heritage Fair.  This is my second year on the Provincial Heritage Fairs Alumni Committee.  My favourite history-related career is an archivist because I think it would be fascinating to work with primary and secondary artifacts/sources.  Outside of heritage fair, I love to play soccer and basketball and have a passion for music and reading.  My favourite thing about Heritage Fair was how I was able to develop invaluable learning skills, while also enjoying myself.  My Heritage Fair experience has been extremely inspiring and I have learned so much as an individual as well as a student.  I have developed many skills, such as learning how to write properly and learning how to research from a variety of sources like oral interviews, photographs and maps in addition to books and websites.  Later on in my educational journey, my public speaking skills and confidence grew tremendously by sharing my project at the Provincial Fair.  Most importantly though, my project allowed me to connect to my heritage in B.C, which helped me understand how my ancestors contributed to the shaping of B.C.


Jolie – Richmond

Jolie photo

Jolie is an alumna of the Richmond Heritage Fair. This is her second year serving on the Provincial council, and she is delighted to be back! She likes the idea of being a historical fiction writer, and would love to write a historical fiction novel. Outside of Heritage Fair, she writes for 56 Paper Clips and is a ballet dancer. She appreciates all the opportunities to meet students across BC that she has received from Heritage Fairs.


Julia – Kamloops-Thompson Rivers

Julia photo

This is Julia’s third year representing the Kamloops-Thompson region on the Alumni Council and she is loving every minute! Julia went to the Provincial Fair in Kamloops in 2014, and was also an alumni rep to the 2016 Vancouver fair and the 2017 Victoria fair.

When she’s not busy with history, Julia can be found reading books (particularly Harry Potter), writing stories, or taking dance lessons.

Julia thinks the career of archivist or museum curator would be really interesting, though if she were to go into the history field, she would most likely end up a teacher.

Heritage Fair has had a huge impact on Julia’s life! She has had many amazing experiences with BCHFS, as it has opened her eyes to the extent of her love for history. The Alumni Council has challenged Julia to think in different ways and has introduced her to some amazing people; overall, it has convinced her to stick with BCHFS. She hopes to stay involved for a long time to come!


Lucas – Rivers to Sea


My name is Lucas and I represent Rivers to Sea. This is my 5th year on the Council. My favourite history-related career is absolutely a historian. I find the researching process (looking through documents, visiting historical sites, interviewing experts) fascinating, and it’s a profession that involves interpersonal skills, but also critical thinking and self-reflection.

Outside of Heritage Fair, I enjoy tencing, playing piano, listening to classical music, hiking, the TV show Friends. 

Through Heritage Fair I’ve formed lasting friendships with learners from all around the province, experienced history coming to life right before my eyes (and people say it’s boring!), and explored my community, its past, and future.


Rehma – Delta-Surrey

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This is my first year being a part of the Heritage fair alumni council and I’m super excited! My favorite history related career is being a History teacher. I have always loved History and most of the time I enjoy teaching it to others. What I like to do outside of the heritage fair is to swim. Swimming is one of my favourite hobbies. I also love to read and babysit.


Sasha – Vancouver

Sasha photo

My name is Sasha, and I represent Vancouver. This is my first year on the Council. I think that being a journalist would be a really exciting history related career choice because  it would allow me to do something that is at the same time very current but also relies heavily on an understanding of our society’s past. Educating myself and others is incredibly gratifying as well as it is an important part of grasping what it is that shapes different cultures around the world.

I love to hangout with my friends and spend almost all of my spare time at circus, either training or coaching. It’s something I’ve been doing since I was 5 years old and it gives me the opportunity to train the skills that I love and perform in front of audiences of up to 500 people. I train mostly on hand to hand, German wheel and contortion.



Vedanshi  – Richmond

Vedanshi photo

My name is Vedanshi, and I represent the Richmond Region. I attended the BC Provincial Heritage Fair in Kamloops in 2014, with my project on the History of Rapid Transit in Metro Vancouver. This is my fourth year on the Alumni Council, and I am very excited to be returning to this dynamic team! Outside of the Council, I am also an active member of the Richmond Regional Heritage Fair’s Planning Committee. Playing Badminton, dancing Bharatnatyam (a form of Indian classical dance), and eating mac and cheese are some of my preferred activities. Hobbies include painting, drawing, reading, working out, photography, swimming, and eating. Being competitive by nature, I enjoy partaking in a multitude of competitions. I am looking forward to yet another year with the BCHFS, and cannot wait to embark upon this exciting adventure!


Veronica  – Richmond

Veronica photo

This is my third year on the Council. I think a career which would interest me is being a museum curator, which, in a way, is like doing a really large scale Heritage Fair project. Being able to research and learn about a historical event, trend, or whatever, then plan an exhibit to share it and with the liberty to be creative and unique… that’s right up my alley!

Outside of Heritage Fair, I love to read, especially works of Jane Austen, Sara Teasdale, and a variety of other authors. I am also a huge Canucks fan, and follow many journalists who report on the Canucks and the NHL.

For me, the opportunities Heritage Fair presents to students after the Provincial Fair is what makes it valuable, and has had the biggest impact. Not a lot of people have the opportunity to do things like be part of this Council or plan their Regional Fair– it’s unique.