Maybe you’ve never done a Heritage Fair project before, or been to a Fair outside your classroom. Maybe it’s your third Regional Fair, and this year you are vying for Provincials. Maybe you are just looking to take things up a notch. Below are some questions which lots of students ask themselves when working on their Heritage Fair project. To access the answer, just click on the question! These are tips and tricks from our seasoned experts on the Alumni Council: they will help you through the whole process.

What is a Heritage Fair?! 

What sorts of topics are Heritage Fairs on?

How do I pick a project topic?

How do I know it is the perfect topic?

How do I research my project topic?

Where can I go for more information on my project topic?

What is an example of a primary source?

What is an oral history and how do I get one?

What should I do for my poster board?

What makes a good presentation?

How do I prepare for my presentation?

What are some tips on getting through an interview?

What do Project Adjudicators like to see?

What are the keys to an outstanding project?

How do I get ready for Heritage Fair day?

What are the awards my project could win?

How do I get all of that work done?!

What do I bring to Provincial Fair?

How do I succeed at Provincial Fair?