The BC Heritage Fairs Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to history education. Our goal is to foster in young people a deeper understanding of the present, by encouraging them to engage with and question the past.

Each year some 6,000 students participate in Fairs held across the province. A Heritage Fair is an exposition of projects which showcase students’ research into a topic of their choice related to Canadian history or culture. Projects are often multi-media and can range from mini-docs to graphic novels to traditional fold-out boards. Fairs are open to all grades and education options. However, to compete for a shot at the annual Provincial Fair, students must be registered in grades 4-10. If a student has already attended a Provincial Fair or has aged out of the competition bracket, but would like to remain involved, they are encouraged to join their local Alumni Team, or apply to be on the Alumni Council. For more about the Alumni programs, click the “About: The Alumni Program” tab.

BC Heritage Fairs is the proud recipient of an Outstanding Achievement in Education and Public Awareness Award from Heritage BC. In 2016 the provincial organization recognized that “the Heritage Fairs Program has been outstanding as a means of engaging youth in the history and heritage of BC and Canada”.

Heritage Fairs are not only held in BC. They can be found right across Canada, from coast to coast to coast! Learn more about BC’s Fairs, our Board of Directors, and organizational membership at