Today was the third day of the 2018 BC provincial heritage fair and it was a day full of learning and reflecting on our heritage. We started off the day by learning; we listened to a local historian named Eric Anderson on a tour around Squamish.  Eric talked to the students about the history of logging and how it has evolved over the past years. In this tour, we took time at important locations and learnt about how they played a vital role in creating what we know as Squamish today. In this tour, Eric explained the how the railway routes were used as the area’s layout, which I personally found very interesting.

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Next, we did a walking tour in downtown Squamish, hosted by the Historical Society. On the tour we followed a map to find historic locations around town. The map showed us to plaques around the downtown area, on these plaques we saw pictures of what the place around was and used to look like. There were 15 plaques in total each showcasing the significance of what used to be there. After we finished our tour we had lunch and then some much deserved free time where students got the opportunity to look at all the shops around downtown Squamish, and buy souvenirs for their friends and family.

After lunch, we headed on the bus for a drive up to Whistler. When we arrived we were welcomed by the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre by a song. In this song, we got to act like different animals (see a picture of “Bears” dancing below). The museum activities started off by watching an insightful video about the two Nations. Then, we headed to see the artifacts displayed in the museum. This facility is absolutely beautiful with big windows and meaningful carvings throughout the entire museum. One of the activities that we got to do at the museum was making rope out of thin strips of wet cedar. Each student got to make a piece of rope and many turned these into bracelets and anklets or bookmarks or zipper ties. Before we headed back to the university we got to walk and shop at Whistler Village.

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After having dinner and ice cream at Quest University, we got to have Paul Gravett from Heritage BC run a workshop with us. The workshop split the group up in to 6 smaller groups, and each group tackled the same questions. All the questions had to do with heritage and made us think about the purpose of heritage and what it means in our province today. This was a very important workshop, because the answers and ideas that students came up with are going to be written into a report and shown to the BC government to in effort to help get heritage more support.

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All in all we had an amazing and educational third day! Tomorrow is showcase!

Author: Anisha