We started the day by heading to The West Coast Railway Park. There, we were given tours of old, decommissioned steam engines and train cars by the Park’s lovely volunteers. One of these cars, The BC Car (Number 16), was bought by a top business man at the turn of the century. The wealthy man converted the car from a passenger car, capable of carrying up to one hundred people, into a private space where he could carry out his business all the while traveling across Canada. We also rode a miniature train around the park which took us by more of the park’s beautiful pieces.

DSC06025                             DSC06049

Our second stop was the Sea to Sky gondola and hiking trails. As we rode the gondola to the top of the mountain, we were amazed by Squamish’s stunning mountainous sights. One of which was The Chief, a popular spot for rock climbing and an important place for the First Nations people of the Squamish region. Once at the top, we ate a sandwich lunch amongst the gorgeous mountain ranges. With our energy restored, we set off to the park’s extensive trails. We were led by some of the most knowledgeable mountain tour guides to date who shared with us valuable survival tips! In groups, we learned how to make stretchers out of jackets and branches, and how to make a shelter from nothing more than a tarp, a rope, and our surroundings.



After riding the gondola back down the mountain, to the Whistle Punk Hollow campsite for dinner. We took a quick walk down to a nearby stream to work up out appetites before enjoying a barbeque dinner and watermelon dessert. We spent our spare time making friends and trading pins. As our slowest eaters finished their last bites, every group came together to participate in some fun games lead by our alumni team. We headed back to the Quest University Campus just as the sun began to set. Our final activities were perfect for settling down after a long day of adventuring. We played human bingo and watched a twenty-minute video about the Britannia Mines, where we will be having our project showcase on Saturday.

Author: Rhiannon