With our Provincial Heritage Fair just days away, we thought it would be a great time to do a wrap-up of some of our regional fairs! Heritage Fairs, from school fairs to the provincial fair, are a time when all the hard work is done and students have the opportunity to show off what they’ve spent so long creating. I was able to attend the Richmond Regional Fair as a judge, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing all of the projects the local students had created.

Are you interested in getting involved in your local fair, but don’t know where to start? Leave us a comment and we’ll get you in touch with the right person. Maybe you’re a student or teacher looking for information on how to do a heritage fair project – we’ve got a resource for that, and the Richmond Regional Heritage Fair has a website with resources dedicated to teachers, students, and judges! Or maybe, just maybe, you’re going to the provincial fair this year and you’re already thinking about how to stay involved next year – if so, check out our Alumni Program page, or chat with one of our alumni at the fair. – Rachel, Alumni Coordinator


Thanks to several of the alumni who have sent these summaries of their individual fairs. First up, here’s a summary of the Rivers to Sea Fair from Lucas:

There were around 60 projects entered this year, from a handful of elementary and secondary schools. The weather held up for the opening ceremony, and students eagerly crowded around the bandstand to hear the fair being opened. Judges then went around and interviewed students for a few hours, and some of my favourite projects included ones about Japanese-Canadian Interment in the Second World War, Tommy Douglas, and Billy Bishop. The whole Burnaby Village Museum was also open after the judging finished, and students were able to enjoy rides on an original Ford Model T vehicle and the iconic C.W. Parker Carousel. The closing ceremonies were held the next day. All in all, it was an extremely well-run fair, and I was again amazed at the time and care that students invested in their project!



Here’s a photo of Vedanshi with another judge and a student participant at the Richmond Regional Heritage Fair:



And last but certainly not least, a roundup of the Kamloops-Thompson Fair from Julia:

This year, Kamloops students arrived to an exciting itinerary for the day. One group was sent to the museum and City Hall for the morning, and the other got to go to the Kamloops Art Gallery.


At the gallery, students were given a guided tour and had the opportunity to draw – inspired by a few pieces in the gallery. They were then taken to a classroom where they worked together to create paintings, which they then cut to create a collage.


Both groups met up downtown to eat lunch and the afternoon proved to be the highlight of the day. Everyone embarked on the 2141 – the historic Kamloops steam train, for an exciting trip. Students were running to the dining car, where they could sit at a table and order water. Others were in the caboose, where you could climb up a ladder to peek over the train. The 2141 took the group all the way across the river to the junction, where the train stopped so the captain could move a very important bag of letters. The train then headed back to the starting point when students were met with a surprise.



Robbers! Three women on horseback surrounded the train, and the leader climbed aboard. The “important bag of letters” actually contained gold, and the robbers were out to get it! With their guns held out, all the passengers had their arms up, and the robbers even stole the captain for a bit.

The 2141 train trip recreates the famous Billy Miner robbery that happened near Kamloops, and the kids had the most fun time. For the history of the 2141 and Billy Miner, see this post.

Thanks to the museum, city hall, art gallery, and especially the staff at the Kamloops Historic Railway. Many thanks to the committee who worked tirelessly to make sure this day was a success. The students enjoyed the day’s activities as well as the project scavenger hunt and the opportunity to present their projects to the public. It was another unforgettable Heritage Fair here in Kamloops!