Today was the last day of this year’s Provincial Heritage Fair; the day to say goodbye and travel home for most participants. After a wrap-up breakfast and chance to choose all their favourite foods, the delegates going home by plane departed at around 8:30 am, while the rest who were either going to catch the ferry, or get picked up by their parents, stayed and played a little longer. Final activities included cleaning up, reliving memories and a lively game of camouflage.

This year’s fair was, for the most part, a fun filled, hot, and sunny week, so it was quite poetic that the clouds started to roll in shortly after things wrapped up; as if they were curtains closing on the ‘final act’ of the 2017 BC Provincial Heritage Fair.

group shot.jpg

A heartful thank you was felt by all participants to the organizers, sponsors, volunteers, and dignitaries who made this such an amazing event.

Author: Benjamin