Today was presentation day for all of this year’s delegates. So for this post, we are going to talk about what is important to remember when you are around people that you respect and may be a little afraid of.

When you are at a young age, you treat every person pretty much the same. You are mad at people when your mad, and happy with people when your happy.

As people get older, they tend to make pictures of other people in their mind, especially people in authority. This picture greatly changes how we act towards, or treat those people. Now sometimes this can be a good thing, but some people can get a bit carried away with the picture they paint of other people, and this can really effect how those people are treated. Also, another affect of painted grand pictures of people is being very awkward in front of them. This can be embarrassing and may leave you with a bad memory around that person.

So to some things up, it is important to act properly in whatever situation you are in and to never make false assumptions around people, but also remember that no one is perfect, and making mistake is alright. When you are talking to someone important or someone you respect, you must remember that most of the time they are on your side and want to see you do your best.

That’s all for now!

Delegate Lucas Hung speaking with Her Honnour Ms. Guichon

Author: Ben