Today we had an incredibly busy and fun day, which ended off on a great note. Our amazing alumni created a special activity for all of the kids. This year, we celebrated Canada’s 150th birthday, so the alumni wanted to recognize this in a special way.

The activity started out with the kids being sent back in time, all the way back to Confederation in 1867. In order to return to 2017, the kids had to go through some of Canada’s most important moments to make Canada what it is today. Obviously, there are a lot of incredibly important moments (both good and bad), but we only had six alumni, so we chose a few of these events.

At each of the six stations, the groups were presented with different challenges depending on the event. If they managed to complete the event, they would earn a puzzle piece, and the goal was to get all six puzzle pieces. Each group had a different puzzle that represented a special moment in history that we had not covered in the stations.

Confederation was covered by our alumni Lucas. He wore an artisan top hat, made by himself. He educated the kids about Confederation, then gave them a map of Canada from what it looked like in 1867. They then had to label the map. “It was fun,” -Lucas.

Next, was CPR by our alumni Veronica. She asked them to guess eight of the most important CPR stations, and the kids had lots of fun! It’s different than you would think!

Our alumni Anisha covered Komagata Maru and she gave them an example of a letter a  passenger might send home to their family. The kids had to fill in the blanks on the worksheet, and we had a few kids who were experts on the subject and filled in the sheet incredibly fast.

Julia was dressed up very fancy as a young lady from the 1910’s. She was talking to kids about women’s right to vote and gave them a few trivia questions before starting the activity. When asked to name a member of the Famous Five, the most common answer was (unsurprisingly) Nellie McClung, followed by Emily Murphy (Julia also had a few people guess Emily Carr, which was close…). She gave the students pictures of the Famous Five and pieces of paper with their names and asked them to match the names to the faces.

Ben covered the battle of Vimy Ridge and had a book which described all of the events that took place. He had a message in Morse Code and gave the kids a key so they could figure out what the message meant.

As we had six groups and only five official alumni, our lovely leader Britney stepped in to lead an activity of her own. As “The Spirit of Canada” from the future (Britney was from Canada’s 300th birthday), she encouraged a discussion amongst the kids about Canada, its history, and why it was important to learn all of these things.

Each group ended up earning all their puzzle pieces, and had enough time to put their puzzles together. They then had to send up one student to explain to everyone what their puzzle represented, and everyone got it right. Some examples were Residential schools, the Underground Railroad, our first gold medal in the Vancouver 2010 Olympics (Alexandre Bilodeau in moguls), D-Day, Chris Hadfield, and the Quebec referendum.

Everyone had lots of fun and all the kids headed off to bed exhausted. What a great day, and very excited for all the special activities tomorrow!

Author: Julia