It’s our first day at Heritage Fairs 2017 in Victoria! For today’s blog post, I’ve asked all the Alumni about their first Provincial Fair memory. Here they are!

Veronica (Kamloops 2014): I remember sitting at the station waiting for the bus, which was late, and awkwardly trying to make small talk with a girl beside me. I’m still in contact with her through Heritage Fair, so I guess I did something right.

Julia (Kamloops 2014): Everyone was outside, and was pin trading. Pin trading is a super popular activity at the Fair, and a great way to get a chance to talk to people from other regions. Julia remembers it was “super intense”, but she didn’t have any because Kamloops, her region, didn’t give out pins. She also remembers how wonderful and intelligent and amazing her roommate is. (Me! I didn’t just write that to brag…ok maybe…but it’s true!)

Ben (Vancouver 2016): His first memory is being lonely at the beginning of the Fair and being invited by the Alumni to hang out with them.

Anisha (Victoria 2014): She remembers her Alumni leader, Manvi, who inspired her to continue in Heritage Fair with the Regional Planning Committee and Alumni Council.

Lucas (Victoria 2013): Meeting his roommate from Prince George and discovering they had a lot in common. They stayed in touch for a year after.

Britney (Kelowna 2003 – she thinks): She remembers sitting in the hallway with all the other BC delegates. They all lined up and sat with their backs on the wall, and high-fiving because their group finished packing first.


Hope lots of delegates are making their own first heritage fair memories to share in the years to come.

Author: Veronica