After various flights or ferry trips, the students all met in front of the Arthur Currie building at the University of Victoria. The kids coming from the airport had plenty of time to settle in; they received their new backpacks and shirts and had enough time to explore their rooms and unpack all their things. The other kids arrived just in time to drop off their projects and their luggage in front of the building, and we were off!!!

Our first stop was at the First People’s House, where we received a tour from Mr. Hartman who worked at the House. The House was a stunning sight. We learned about the history behind the House, the totem poles, as well as some of the art inside the building. We also got to sit in the Conference Room, where they had more art, as well as a podium. There was also a heater to heat up the drums, and the Conference Room had been used for weddings as well as conferences. It is also a place for the Aboriginal students to relax (they have a few classrooms, as well as a computer lab for the students as well). They host movie nights and other fun activities for those students. As well, there is a totem pole outside that is there for the students to carve. When the Elders are there, the students can come in to work on the totem pole, though it’s been in progress for a while. We then got to see the duck pond, which filled with rain water that drizzled off the roof. They even have a statue of a whale’s tail going into the pond.


After the First People’s House, we went into the university to one of the classrooms where Dr. John Lutz talked to us about the history department at UVic. He told us about all of the different courses that were offered as well as different careers you could go into with a History Major. It encouraged students to consider history on a more serious note, as many of the most successful people have History Majors. He also showed us a project that he was working on; Unsolved Canadian Mysteries. There’s a whole website on it for everyone to come to their own conclusions. The kids were very enthusiastic and had lots of questions to ask. We might see some future UVic kids…

We then got to have a nice pizza dinner and met lots of new friends! After, the kids got to go on a tour of the UVic campus (led by UVic students), while the alumni planned out their activities.

When everyone returned from their tour, the chaperones got to relax while Britney and the alumni took all the students to play lots of fun games!


After a few rounds of Octopus, Handshake Murderer, tag, puzzle games, and many others, everyone was fairly worn out.

Everyone met with their chaperones to go over the plan for tomorrow and then it was off to bed. Tomorrow will be a busy day, so hopefully everyone will get lots of rest! Looking forward to all the fun activities to come…


Author: Julia