As January is coming to a close the doors to 2017 are just opening. The New Year marks a time where people get to start fresh and set goals. On December 31st millions make a new year’s resolution, a promise that they are going to do something to better themselves.

I am not against making New Year’s resolutions, but I do think that if you have a goal you shouldn’t wait until the clock strikes twelve to become successful, you should start now. It’s different for certain people; the New Year might be an inspiration for some to achieve something. But many make resolutions, and then don’t end up keeping them. Studies have shown that only 5% of people tend to achieve their New Year goal.  When you don’t work towards your goal you’re telling yourself that it’s not a priority. Try changing the way you think. Instead of telling yourself you don’t have time, try saying, “it’s not a priority.” For example, if your goal is to become a healthier person try saying, “my healthy isn’t a priority so I am not going to work on it.” If saying this sits with you alright maybe try finding out what is a priority.

We often put things off until tomorrow. We say this to simple things like doing the dishes or finishing our homework. If you have the time in the moment, you might as well get it done with, right? But getting little things done in our day and age can be a struggle to some because we can be too busy looking at our  screens. A lot of people think the youth is becoming addicted to technology, but the reality is technology is our future. With this said I encourage everyone to look away from their screens and to do something they have been saying they would do but “didn’t have time for.”

I encourage you to try new things, explore new places, and don’t wait for the New Year to change because one day there may not be not be a tomorrow.