The 2015-2016 Alumni Council just had their last official conference call. Over the past year, the thirteen of us worked together to achieve the goals we had set. Our theme was polishing the current social media accounts, and building upon, and improving the online presence of the BCHFS.
Each month, we attended conference calls where we discussed reflected upon the successes, and disappointments from previous initiatives. The Alumni created, and implemented new strategies, which were founded with the lessons learned from past experiences. Sometimes, we would complete assignments, such as blog entries, or social media posts, individually. Other times, we’d work on creating accessible resources for students, parents, and teachers in groups of two to three people.In my group of three Alumni, we have made a program for Regional Heritage Fair graduates, and it will be inaugurated next Heritage Fair season. I won’t give away too many details, but stay tuned into our blog to find out about it- announcements are soon to follow!
At the BC Provincial Heritage Fair, the highlight event of the year, the Alumni representatives documented each day’s events with blog posts, social media updates, and media such as photographs and videos. (Story time!) I remember this one time at the fair when a student came up to me to tell me that she had found my video on Interview Tips really helpful. It was great to know that the resources the Alumni had created were helping people! It feels really good when you see your hard work pay off- I can guarantee that all the Alumni feel this way after the successes of the past year.
Special announcement: If you are a student who has been to a BC Provincial Heritage Fair, and would like to take on a leadership role in the society, applications for the 2016-2017 Alumni Council come out soon! Make sure you stay connected with us via social media, so that you can be the first to know about such opportunities.
BCHFS is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Make sure you subscribe to our blog– we post weekly entries by the Alumni, and there are tools, and resources for everyone!

Author: Vedanshi