The second day of the Provincial Heritage Fair brought more sunshine, smiles and historical enrichment. Major highlights included a visit to the Museum of Anthropology, Tower Beach and a special activity with the alumni team.

The whole team!

The sun rose early today, as did several students who were excited to begin the day early. After a delicious breakfast at Totem Park cafeteria, the delegation set out to the first destination of the day. With a sprawling number of 36,000 different artifacts from cultures all around the world, the Museum of Anthropology is a magnet for tourists and researchers everywhere. The group split into two different teams and took turns receiving tours around the museum. Our tour guide gave us insight into numerous Indigenous pieces, as well as European ceramics from several hundred years ago and the massive Multiversity Gallery. We left the tour thinking about the various artifacts we had viewed and their individual stories. A personal favourite of mine was the Unceded Territories gallery, featuring Indigenous shapes and animals with modern twists. I was particularly drawn to the drawing with four men in business suits with Indigenous monsters as heads. Other students were intrigued by the designs of Papua New Guinean Indigenous art, and by the military turrets that were set up during World War II and how they were incorporated into the museum’s design. The students ate lunch in a longhouse, recharging and re-energizing for the next adventure.

Learning at the MOA

The next destination was Tower Beach, a rocky landform on the shoreline of the University of British Columbia. There was an incredibly long stretch of stairs on the way down, and we happily trotted down them, oblivious to the fact that we would later have to struggle back up them. The tide was low, so several students went to explore the rocks that were covered in algae and barnacles. Others hung back and chatted on the logs that dotted the beach. During the walk back up the stairs, some keen students counted a whopping 382 stairs, all consecutive without any landings or space to take breathers. The journey back to Totem Park wasn’t over yet when we got to the top of the hill. It was a good 30 minutes before we finally reached our dorms, exhausted but elated.

Out and about at Tower Beach

The final activity of the night was the activity organized by the group of alumni. For the past day and a half, the team was working at any free moment on the execution of the game and how it would run. The game was to be in the manner of a murder mystery, with students dressing up as suspects and leading activities with a rotation of investigators. The students were all extremely excited to play the game and hypothesize who was the perpetrator. Even after the game ended, the students still kept chattering on about the characters and their various personalities.

Putting together a ripped diary puzzle clue…. was it Amy? Peter? The Dr.? The Maid?

Day two of the Provincial Fair was jam-packed with events of completely different natures. The students were able to learn and investigate their surroundings in various environments, and connected well with each other. Tomorrow, the day of the project showcase, the students will only continue to grow as historians, learners, and most importantly, friends.

Author: Lucas