What an amazing start to the 8th annual BC Provincial Heritage Fair! After over a year of planning, and preparation, the week has been set out for students from all across the province to enjoy.

Heritage Fair Day 1 040

The alumni team waited in anticipation for the first of the participants to arrive at Totem Park, a long-standing student dormitory building. One after the other, students arrived at the registration desk, following the chalk designs, and bunches of balloons put in place for their welcoming.

Did you know that the regional representatives came in from all across BC? They have traveled by bus, car, ferry, and even plane to attend this jam-packed week-long camp? Each participant received an extremely fashionable BCHFS t-shirt, and official Heritage Fair backpack.

Heritage Fair Day 1 003
Students play “evolution” the icebreaker game based on rock-paper-scissors

Students broke the ice between each other with a very fun game of evolution, before boarding the bus to travel to Mountain View Cemetery. Once there, our group of three-dozen students split two ways. One of them went on a tour with one of the cemetery’s guides, while the other group examined various tombstones through crayon rubbings. After a while, the two groups swapped places in the activities.

Our tour guide, a lively one at that, revealed to us the stories, and symbolism behind multiple gravestones. The guide also shared her personal interests in the matter. Searching archives for the history behind tombstones, the funerals of their occupants, including the details and logistics of these events, are of her interest, especially when the subject is her family, and ancestors. At this time, many students benefited from the beautiful scenery, and pleasant weather to digest the newfound knowledge along with dinner.

It seemed as if the field trip was over no sooner than it had started. After a short session of pin-trading, we bid our farewells and returned to Totem Park.

Heritage Fair Day 1 034
Pin trading has officially begun!

The fun wasn’t over- followed by some free time, Michael Gurney led everyone in an evening of games. Talent in stand-up performances was revealed as the students participated in the exciting activities. The students also enjoyed a second dinner of pizza, and fruit.

Heritage Fair Day 1 075
BCHFS President, and theater actor extraordinaire lead the students in an Improv. and History seminar

The students took with them tonight the motivational words, and advice of Jane Watt, and Michael Gurney.

Amidst the nervous flutter, and chitter-chatter that comes with embarking upon new experiences, it was clearly visible that the students bonded greatly through the day’s activities. Here’s to an equally fun rest of the week!


Author: Vedanshi