Wow! It’s that time of year again. When six thousand students from across the province will face the climax after months of hard work, research, and preparation. Yep, I do indeed refer to the upcoming Regional Heritage Fairs. With the Heritage Fair comes fun activities, excursions, opportunities to #throwback, but also interviews with adjudicators. You may be winded up with nerves jamming your muscular mobility, or tumbling through fluttering butterflies, or not experiencing any of the above at all.

All of us experience some degree of anxiety before any big or small event. Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve felt your roller-coaster of emotions before my own Heritage Fair interview. In order to help make your presentation experience as smooth as can be, I have enlisted several techniques (yes, they actually work) in a video clip. You can access my video at this link:

Vedanshi’s Video

I really hope that those tips help! Remember, you’ve done your best, just watch the rest!

Author: Vedanshi