Are you ready world?! #MuseuemWeek is coming to your newsfeed in a BIG way! #BringOnTheCulture

#MuseumWeek is a worldwide cultural awareness event for the 21st century. Art, culture, and history are celebrated across the globe in the form of an intense week-long tweeting marathon. This phenomenon started in France in 2014 and absolutely exploded. Now, just two short years later, #MuseumWeek is active in nations on every inhabited continent and runs in 16 different languages. From March 28th to April 3rd, institutions around the world will be tweeting up a storm, and bringing you closer to their people, their history, their futures, and their secrets!


How does it work?

Each day of the week has a different theme, and an associated hashtag. Museums and other cultural organizations (like art galleries, libraries, and archives) are invited to tweet as much as they can on that topic. Then staff, volunteers, visitors, and other institutions can engage with their post by replying or retweeting. Apparently, there have been some pretty intense rivalries! A french researcher, Antoine Courtin, claimed that there were 83 different battles last year, some even creating their own unofficial hashtags, which were followed by enthusiasts world-wide. This year’s program is listed below, you can learn more on their website (

Monday is dedicated to discovering your most well-kept secrets! Show a behind-the-scenes glimpse of your museum! #secretsMW

Tuesday is dedicated to honor the people-well known or anonymous-who have helped make your museum. Feature your founders, other icons, and current staff members and talk about their expertise! #peopleMW

Wednesday is about telling the story of your building(s), your garden(s), your neighborhood or other key locations for your institution. Introduce your museum from a different point of view! #architectureMW

On Thursday, focus on your tangible and intangible cultural heritage. Help your audience discover the variety of content your institution has on view, in storage or online! #heritageMW

 On Friday, share your most innovative projects, your barriers to innovation, your research or your institutional goals, all of which can lead to a greater understanding of your future initiatives and developments! #futureMW

 Saturday zoom in on your content by sharing details and anecdotes that provide an interesting insight into your collection (e.g, images of hands or frames, anecdotes about the origins of a book etc…).#zoomMW

 Sunday, time to share what you love about your place! Take advantage of this opportunity to promote your museum’s greatest attractions (artworks, displays, rooms …) and use Twitter as a helping tool for the visit.#loveMW


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