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Solving History Mysteries! — December 8, 2015

Solving History Mysteries!

This month the Alumni were given a particularly noggin’-scratching challenge.

Instead of the traditional introductions, where everyone says their name, grade, and what super power they wish they were born with, we are mixing things up! And we are pulling in the ever popular snail mail (postal) element.

This month each student will mysteriously receive three clues in the mail…

  1. A photograph/drawing of a historic event from the year of their secret partner’s birth
  2. A photograph/drawing of a significant historic place in their secret partner’s community
  3. A photograph/drawing of something important to that person

From clues on the website, and a little historic research, the student should be able to figure out who their secret partner was. They will then make their guess/ introduce that person at our December meeting.

Good luck to all participants! And for all of you out there on the web, watch for Alumni Council members’ bios to go up after the break. They will appear under the “Meet your Alumni Council” tab.