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Coming to a Mailbox Near You! — August 7, 2015

Coming to a Mailbox Near You!

This month the Alumni Leaders have been asked to communicate the old fashioned way! By sending “snail mail”! Today we spend so much of our time, hooked into electronic communication, like texting, Facebook and email, that we don’t often get something delivered right to our door. This makes it an extra special treat.

In celebration of this month’s assignment here are a few neat Canadian postal service facts, which help tell the story of our vast country’s mail system:

1) The first recorded paid-mail delivery in Canada was in 1693 (that’s almost 175 years before Confederation!)

2) The British government officially began offering a paid mail service to the colony in 1775

3) Originally keeping the name of the Royal Mail Service of Canada, the newly established Canadian government took over national delivery with Confederation in 1867

4) The Royal Mail Service wasn’t re-branded as Canada Post until the 1960s, 100 years later

5) Postal Codes were only adopted in Canada in the 1970s, to assist with sorting the large volume of mail. This means for over 100 years mail was sorted by street address alone!

6) Canada Post is considered the largest national postal service, delivering to a larger geographical area than any other country– including Russia! (Russia’s national postal service does not reach most of the nation’s rural communities, who have to drive into town to collect their mail).

I hope the Alumni Leaders have enjoyed receiving their surprise mail packages. What have YOU received in the mail lately? Maybe send a friend or relative a card, letter, or photograph — you might get something in return!