As you may or may not know, the 2015 Provincial Heritage Fair just past by and it was full of exiting adventures, learning, and friend making.

As an alumnus my most favorite part of this Provincial Fair was interacting with the kids, each and everyone of them had a unique story to tell behind their project. Some students had a very strong sentimental connection behind their projects, and some of them found out something important had happened in history in seconds. Either or, all the students were so passionate about their projects and that’s what made them extraordinary.

The biggest thing I took away from doing this project in 2013 was the hard work pays off. When I was doing my project I didn’t think I would make in to Regionals, but when I was thinking that I made me work extra hard and do my personal best to make it my best work. When I became an alumni I had the chance to help out and inspire other students on their Heritage Fair journey. When me and my alumni team did just that in the 4 days we were in Victoria, I can not even explain the feeling inside of me (it was a good feeling!).

I would like you to take two things from this post: one that hard work always pays off, and two, don’t under estimate yourself because you can do it!

Author: Anisha