Today was the big presentation day at the Royal BC Museum, and what a great day it was!

After yet another lovely breakfast at UVic, the group loaded the buses up with poster-boards and dioramas and headed off for the museum. Set-up was speedy, and within minutes thefair was up and running – we were getting visitors even before the opening ceremony! Images for Day 4 blog (2 of 2)

The ceremony itself was held in the Mungo Martin House, a traditional First Peoples’ big house. We sat around a lovely smoky fire (to match the orange, smoky skies in Victoria today) and listened to short introductory speeches from several distinguished guests and the president of the BC Heritage Fair society.


From left to right: The fire in the Mungo Martin House, the smoky yellow sky in Victoria today, and the interior of the Mungo Martin House pre-ceremony. 

After the ceremony, we filed back into the museum and started up the presentations. This year’s provincial Heritage Fair had an incredible number of visitors, and was the best attended provincial Heritage Fair ever! All the presentations were fantastic and clearly showed how much hard work went behind them. Congratulations to all the participants on a hugely successful fair!Images for Day 4 blog (1 of 2)Once the fair was wrapped up, the group took a quick stroll (or shopping trip!) around downtown Victoria, then headed back to UVic for a closing banquet dinner (which was delicious) followed by a little time to dance.

Thank you to all the organizers, students, and volunteers that made this fair as excellent as it was! The Heritage Fairs would love to see all the students again next year as participants, or regional/provincial alumni. Congratulations again to everyone on a very successful provincial Heritage Fair!

Author: Emily T.