Our day was full of exiting new adventures at the beach, fun at the legislature, and the most exiting event was probably the Royal BC Museum. The exhibit that seemed the most popular was the new gold rush exhibit; it was full of jewellery from all over the world and all from different times. You want to read more about it? You know you do. Scroll down!

One of the most greatest milestones in Canadian history was the gold rush, in this time some people gained wealth and some just ended up dying along the way. We saw some amazing gold nuggets and some other crazy gold jewellery, for example we saw nose rings as big as my 12cm hand and crazy crowns followed by huge earrings.

The next exhibit we visited was the nature exhibit, it was full of birds, bears, mammoths, fish and cute owls. I enjoyed this part because the animals were all in action and they were helping the environment in many was, i was so shocked because some of the animal looked so real, even through some of them was made out of other, strong material.


My post favourite part of the exhibit was the part were we walked through the old towns and the old hotels, I enjoyed the chinatown part the best because we went there yesterday (read the entry posted before this to find out more) and it looked really realistic. I also really enjoyed the hotel because the kitchen smelt like pie.

At the end of the day we learnt so much about our canadian history and we on adventures in to the “nature”.

Author: Anisha