Today was Day 2 of our 2015 provincial heritage fair and it was full of melting in the sun, discovering new things about other people, and their projects.

The day took off right after breakfast, we were on our first journey to Goldstream Provincial Park. When the tour started we learned a little bit about the parks history and how it came to be, after we took a tour into the estuary where we saw a lot of nature in action. After learning about how the salmon traveled and how they grow, we headed to Fort Rodd Hill and the lighthouse.


When we arrived we enjoyed a delicious sandwich lunch and charged up. Right after, we started our adventure through the light house and then into the fort. We learned that one of the main guns took 2 whole minutes to re-load, if you were at war and you had a enemy firing at you, would you really want to be using 2 minutes to reload your gun?!?

Chinatown was one of our favorite places to visit: we learned how to play a very popular gambling game called fan tan. We also explored the streets of Chinatown and thought about how much it has changed over the past few years. I think that visiting fan tan alley was the best part of the tour because I could imagine people  years ago in the same alley I was in. After we enjoyed a amazing Chinese dinner in Golden City.

We ended the night with an activity held by the alumni that really got the students involved in deep conversations about their projects and even some family history. We got to know each other better._DSC0332

Overall we had a great day that was full of exiting and new events. Come back at the same place next time to read about tomorrow 🙂

Author: Anisha