Today was another beautiful day as we set off for Fort Rodd Hill, a former coastal military base. We enjoyed sandwiches in the park of the Fort and were thoroughly replenished before we started our tour on this amazing historical site. We visited the Sermont Battery and found out it is actually the smallest and most recently renovated out of the three Batteries there. We soon learned that the battery was rebuilt a little bit before the Second World War for the purpose of a single gun. During the 1800’s, the guns built on the battery were a lot older and obviously less efficient the guns took a mighty long time load and even when fully loaded can only shoot up to 15 rounds a minute, an efficiency that was unable to keep up with the advancements in the technologies in Marine warfare.

When the new gun came, they completely rebuilt the battery to suit the needs of that single gun, no doubt because the gun brought a revolution in coastal defense and was among the best at that time. It was a double barreled cannon that can shoot up to 50 rounds per barrel per minute, totaling to around 100 rounds per minute! This surely had been a shock and huge advancement for the troops at that time because the specs sure surprised us that were listening! The gun can shoot up to 7 Kilometers and must have been a devastating force to be reckoned with back then. We also learnt about the various rolls of the troops that operated the cannon and the rolls of the ones commanding the cannons and Fort, not to mention the harshness of the environment they were in at the time. I sure was glad I lived in our present time compared to back then! We had a tour of the lighthouse on the Fort and took a big group photo with everyone to end the tour, and what better ways are there to end such a grand tour like that?

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