A low rumbling sound fills the whole ferry, and a look of fear crosses some of the delegate’s faces. I feel like the ferry may just rip apart and shatter. For real. But, soon all of it was over, and we were happily sitting in our uncomfortable seats. I looked up and see a not-so-pretty sight. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you exactly what it is. All of the delegates in the Richmond region were badly wanting to escape such a scarring sight. I volunteered to take all of them to the Ferry’s cafeteria, home of the glorious soft serve ice-cream they served at a mini snack bar. But here’s the twist: The soft serve machine doesn’t work very well. I got a perfect little Pinterest-worthy cup of vanilla soft serve. The second delegate had an ugly cup of soft-serve, but I guess it was still edible. (I’m sorry I’m quite a bit of a perfectionist.) Then, there was a one guy who was very, lucky. The soft serve machine just exploded all over him. Oops. Oh well. He got a free large cup of soft-serve. Moral of the story, all things have a bad side and a good side. Enough of all that talk. Now, I shall tell you about the landing of the ferry. Same story, the ferry sounded like it would rip apart and shatter. As we unloaded on the ferry, there was a double decker bus. Turns out, it was the public bus. Behind it was a little school bus with its cheery yellow colour. Great. I was sitting with the project boards of the Richmond delegates. (Sadly, its a responsibility of mine.) When we arrived at the airport to pick up the students from all the way up North, their flight was delayed. So, we spent close to an hour on the hot and muggy bus. Such a great start to the Provincial Fair. (I’m a teenager writing a blog post at like 11:30 at night, sorry if I seem really grumpy.) We got out of the bus, to catch the slightest breeze. When the other delegates arrived, we all were on the bus to the Provincial Fair. As they say,

We’re off on an adventure, to see the wonderful historic places of Victoria! (It’s a twist from the Wizard of Oz, you know, the song they sing in the musical movie?)


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Author: Tristen