Today we had a busy day, there were lots of welcomes and greetings that were said, and when everything was FINALLY said and done, it was finally time for the games. We gathered all 64 of the children and led them to a grassy field, and Jack took the lead and introduced his game first. Jack’s game was called Tag, but every time you tag someone you had to introduce yourself, after a while, everyone was caught and we moved on to the second game. The second game was led by Tristen, a game of Cat and Mouse. The kids loved this game and everyone were instantly involved and hooked up in the game, kids were scrambling all over the place and no one was left out. After around 10 minutes we regrettably had to put a stop to the game and move on to the next one, much to the dismay of the kids playing. The third game was led by Anisha, we played Octopus, and the kids’ cheers of appreciation told us that Anisha made a popular choice. The game progressed smoothly and soon it was time for Emily’s game, the fourth game. Emily led a game known as Hoola Boola, the kids even though confused and reluctant at first, quickly caught on to the game and were soon jumping all over the place trying to complete the pose given to them. Lastly, it was my turn. I led the final game that some call Evolution, the kids absolutely loved it and were soon running around rock-paper-scissoring with each other trying to become the ultimate creature, the Unicorn. Everyone were having so much fun that we were surprised when Evan showed up telling us our time is up. We reluctantly left the field and went and got some snacks, it was honestly a great day and I feel it was a huge success for us Alumni and I honestly hope the kids can get closer together and get to know each other because they all seem like wonderful kids! Best of luck for the remaining days of this trip!


Author: Daniel