This year’s Provincial Fair is fast approaching! To celebrate, and count down the days, we will be digging out our best advice for Fair-goers from the Alumni Blog archive. The entry below was originally posted on June 27th 2014, just a few days before the 2014 Provincial Fair in Kamloops. The author, Ana, was part of the Alumni Delegation that year. Take note of her tips and tricks! She is a Heritage Fair veteran!

COUNTDOWN: 3 days to Provincials!

Dear Students participating,

The Provincial Fair is approaching very soon! With less than one week to go, finalizing both your projects and your speeches is essential. Simple, easy things can help unexpected emergency repairs –- as we call them— and help your project survive the traveling and presenting ordeal. Here are a couple of useful tips that can come in handy in tough times:

1. Write your name on EVERYTHING: who knows who might have the same kind of cue card or the same set of pens. This avoids awkward confusions and lost items.

2. Put together a ziplock bag and fill it with extra gadgets such as pens, pencils, erasers, glue, paper clips, cue cards and an extra copy of your oral presentation. Label it “project extras”.

3. Put together a second ziplock bag and fill it with extra little things that may help your costume (that is, if you have one) in desperate times of need. For example, fill it with safety pins and a mini sewing kit and label the bag “costume extras”.

4. ALWAYS have a bottle of water with you as we will be exploring from sunrise until sunset!

5. Don’t be nervous! Remember that judges are humans too 😉 If you have a little stumble, take a deep breath and continue on.

6. Bring your best smile and your exploring hearts!

Well, these 6 tips should get you ready and excited for the provincial fair! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Author: Ana