I sometimes question the meaning of life, like many others in the world. What is the meaning of life? It sounds cliché and deep all at the same time. But what is the meaning? What purpose do we have on this earth? Is it to be happy? I don’t know. Are we supposed to just sit here and question ourselves with cliché questions like the meaning of life? Before we do all that, we should straighten our world up a little bit, before we actually sit around and act like there’s nothing to do. When you go onto social media sites like Twitter, half of the posts are about being bored and having nothing to do. C’mon internet. I’m quite sure we can do better than that. In the back of your closet, you probably have some old clothes that you don’t wear anymore. We live in the richest 1% of the world, and there’s so much you could give. I don’t want to try and guilt trip you into giving all your belongings to a random homeless person on the street, but invite him in for a meal. Give some homeless children toys on Christmas. Giving is a much better feeling than getting, because when you give, their happiness gives you a warm feeling that spreads through your body and just makes you feel tingly and nice. Donate to International China Concern, or donate to your local canned food drive. If that’s too hard, then give while getting. You can buy Toms, which are very comfortable shoes that give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes bought. So the next time you post something about being bored and having nothing to do, don’t waste your time with questions. Go out and straighten the world out.

Author: Tristen