A few years ago I did a Heritage Fair project on polar bears in Canada. Did you know that Canada is home to over 16,000 polar bears?

A few interesting facts about polar bears are things like the fact that polar bear fur is actually hollow to provide better insulation, or that there’s an International Polar Bear Day on February 27.

When I did my project as an example we had a stuffed polar bear toy and a cooking pan of yes, real ice. That seemed to be the only thing anyone cared about asking questions about. “Is that real ice?” “Yeah, it is.” “How is it frozen?” “Uhhhhh…….In a freezer?” Yup. Those were pretty much the only questions I got. That or all the little kids wanted to know if they could touch it.

They live in B.C. in Canada. You would think those kids had seen “real ice” before.

Anyway it makes for a great story now.

But a big problem with polar bears is that they are becoming endangered.

Because of Global Warming and the only recently cancelled polar bear trade more and more are dying and less are being born because the ice where they live is melting. It’s a serious issue that not nearly enough people know about.

If you believe in Global Warming being real and a very bad thing and you want to help save the polar bears make sure the message gets out that something has to be done. Thank you from these cute little guys.Jess- polar bears

Author: Jessica