In a previous post I talked about how you could decorate your project board to make it one of your projects wow factor, today I am going to talk about some things you can include in your presentation to make it interesting and not make your audience fall asleep.

When you’re writing your presentation make sure to have an interesting introduction to really catch your audience’s attention. So don’t start your presentation with “ hi my name is so and so and today I am going to talk about blah blah blah,” that’s not very eye opening.

When you have that first part covered and your ready to conclude your presentation make sure you hit base with your the topic of you project. Also make sure you leave your audience thinking about something, like ending with a question.

Another thing to look out for when you are done your presentation is to present with confidence, enthusiasm, and use a lot of hand gestures. If you have a good presentation but don’t present it well it’s not going to sound good as good as it might have been.

I hope a couple of these pointers helped out and if you have any other ideas make sure to leave them in the comments below!!

Author: Anisha