There are many ways to research for your Heritage fair Project. First off, since it’s already the 21st century, we all know about and probably can all fluently use the internet. The internet is a powerful and enormous place that contains all kinds of information and knowledge, but be careful, just as likely that any information you find can be real, it can also be fake. Some endings to URLs that you should be looking for when finding information include “.org” or “.gov” because these sites are managed and created by the government or big organizations, fact from these sites are the most reliable. Also, when using the internet to research, be very careful not to get caught off task and procrastinate! That is the biggest reason why homework and projects end up not being done on time! When procrastinating, the hours will literally fly by, and when you realize you only have around 20 minutes left, there is still a mountain of things to do. Other than the internet, visiting a local library whether it is your school one or public libraries will be VERY beneficial. That is because the facts you find on books will almost always be correct, also, books actually contain a surprising amount of facts and information. I never liked to use books when I was younger, but lately for bigger and harder projects, I’ve realized the need to use books for research, it is just so much more dependable than sites on the internet in terms of the sheer amount of facts and the fact’s reliability. Fortunately for those that are too lazy to even visit a local library, you can use online Encyclopedias, they usually have a password on them and you’ll have to ask your librarian or teachers about the password, but once you have that, your research is practically done already. These online encyclopedias contain easily as much info as around 10 sites and will save you a great deal of time, not to mention the facts on there are usually vital facts that you will need. Now that I’ve rambled on about a few ways to get research done, hopefully, you all would be able to get your research done faster and more effectively!

Author: Daniel