The BCHFS Alumni Program is growing! This year we had more students apply than ever before! AND every application for the position of Alumni Leader was excellent– the Regions are lucky to have such passionate Alumni students. The Selection Panel had a tough job, and I certainly wished we could expand our Council to take everyone! However, this year looks to be a interesting one, especially with the BCHFS undertaking a Vision Plan. I am excited to hear where this year’s Alumni Leader’s think the BCHFS can go in our next 5 years….

Without further ado, I would like to introduce the 2014-2015 Alumni Council:

Anisha           Delta-Surrey

Dania            Delta-Surrey

Daniel           Rivers to Sea

Emily M.        Vancouver

Emily T.         South Vancouver Island

Gita              Richmond

Jack              Sea to Sky

Jessica         North Vancouver Island

Lucas           Rivers to Sea

Teagan         Vancouver

Tristen          Richmond

Tyler             North Vancouver Island

Vedanshi       Richmond

I am excited to kick-off the Heritage Fair Season and work with such an inspiring group of students! Keep an eye out for our first Alumni Leader blog posts starting in December!