It seems that waking up early in the morning is getting harder and harder considering that we haven’t even had time to sit down and rest yet. Nonetheless, the group somehow finds hidden reserves of energy and manages to pull through the day, smiling and laughing. Here is a short recap of the daily events: We started the day bright and early, as usual, by splitting up into 4 groups and headed over to the Kamloops Museum for some fun and games. DSCF1386[1] We had a harsh shock into reality as we realized that most of us wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild as our ancestors did. DSCF1424[1] We also had a history class 101 about out marvelous host city. DSCF1395[1] Next, we visited the Secwepemc Museum where we learned about the harsh conditions that the First Nations lived through during the reign of the Residential Schools. We had the privilege of visiting a traditional Pow Wow arena where the largest annual Powow of western Canada is held. DSCF1432[1] To end the busy day, the entire group met up in Riverside Park to subsequently split up into 3 groups and alternate with very pleasing activities. Each activity lasted an hour each and we took part in a cemetery visit, shopping and geocaching. DSCF1471[1] DSCF1455[1] To end this inspiring trip, we bonded and exchanged phone numbers over a delicious traditional mandarin meal. It ended with touching speeches from the directors and alumni to wrap up a majestic journey. DSCF1490[1] DSCF1492[1] As the sun set on the last evening, we all sat outside on campus and watched the sunset as we licked our fudgesicles and laughed into the evening. From the whole Alumni team; we wish you a safe trip back and will be looking forward to seeing some of you next year! Author: Ana