As our 2014 Provincial Fair is drawing to a peaceful close, everybody is taking photos, collecting emails, and making memories. Everybody is a mixture of oh my goodness the crazy heat is finally over and I’m going home at last and I can’t believe it’s already over I’m going to miss everyone so much. Besides delegates, directors, chaperones, and alumni have also all had a great time this year.

From the first bus/plane ride to Kamloops to the last ride or walk back to the residence, we have changed from completely confused strangers to good friends. When one was in need of help or guidance, it was handled and all the participants, organizer or delegate, learned to be their own leaders.

But now that big event everybody has been looking forward to is over, and everybody is parting ways, what will happen next?

Wait a moment. We are not all parting ways.

Many students are hoping to join the alumni program next year, and many alumni are registering again. Although we are parting for now, for the summer, maybe for a few years, we all know that our paths will all cross again.


2014 Alumni Delegation

Author: Jolie