When you think of Canada, what enters your mind? Is it maple syrup?  Mounties? Or our red leaf lying on a field of white? All of these are very common things for people to think of when our great country is mentioned. But there is something that is very over looked in Canada, and that is how diverse the people that live here are. We are one of the few countries in the world that is fortunate enough to support ethnic diversity in our culture, to find an example of this one needs look no further than look at the Canada day celebrations in Kamloops. As my fellow alumni and I wandered through the Multi-national wonderland of food, smelling exotic spices and sweet scents I realized that we are very fortunate. Not only for the delectable cuisines that all these cultures bring to the table but also because of the different perspectives that they show us making us realize how fortunate we were to live in the true north, strong, and free.   


Author: Jack