With the sun streaming into the dorm rooms, we awoke feeling a little more patriotic than normal, as it  is Canada Day. After rushing through breakfast  we were giving red and white fedoras adorned with maple leaf ribbons.


Hustled onto the bus we arrived at Riverside Park, our large pavilion hosted all 60 students under a white tent. After all the poster boards were set up, the opening ceremonies started. Parading through the park, led by a marching band of bagpipe players and RCMP we trooped behind with smiles, cheering as passerby’s waved their paper flags at us.

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We eventually made it to the front of the stage where we were seated in the front row, among us stood politicians and dignitaries. We listened to long speeches all loosely based around preserving history, multiculturalism and patriotism for what felt like days because of the beating hot sun.

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Finally the open ceremonies came to an end, students came back withered from the heat but excited to showcase their projects. As the day wore on we were all given precious pink slips allowing us to skip the long hellish lines and receive food of our choice, as the fairgrounds were plentiful of diverse cuisines. We all became weary as the constant heat and lack of a breeze fatigued us, but became comforted by the softness of the grass.  Eight hours of showcasing was concluded as we boarded the bus back to the residence.With short notice we changed and headed to Chapters Viewpoint restaurant .

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Upon arriving back at the residence, we made pictographs and had cake.

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Canada Day came to an end after an amazing fireworks display and after a long and tiring day we finally had time to rest.


Author: Teagan