Day 2 of Provincial Heritage Fair is already over. The day started out with wake up calls ad breakfast before loading buses to go to Hat Creek Historic Ranch.


On the way to the ranch, the group stopped to take a group photo at the beautiful Kamloops Lake lookout.


When we arrived at the ranch the students were separated into 4 groups according to delegations to rotate between activities.


One of the activities that the students had was that they got a tour of the Native site and learned many different things from smoking food to pit houses.


Another activity was drum making were the students made miniature replicas of First Nations drums.


For a third activity the students got a tour of the original Roadhouse at Hat Creek and learned what life would have been like for miners and the people living in the small community.


The last activity students got to do was going on a stage coach ride around the ranch and then pan for gold and river rubies like real miners. DSCF1123[1]DSCF1125[1]DSCF1128[1]DSCF1131[1]

After their first two activities, the students had lunch of Subway sandwiches.


To finish of the time at the Ranch, we played a game of Wolf’s tail.


The delegations then boarded the buses for Ashcroft. There were two activities in Ashcroft. The first was at the Ashcroft museum where the students had a scavenger hunt.


The other activity was pictures and exploring the community heritage park.


The buses then left for Logan Lake for a barbeque and on the way stopped at the viewpoint overlooking the Copper Pit Mine.


The bus rides were spent playing games, singing songs and trading pins.


At Logan Lake we had a barbeque and then left to go back to Kamloops.


Once back we change into bathing suits and went over to the swimming pool.

DSCF1181[1] DSCF1185[1] DSCF1184[1]

Then back to the hotel and bed time, bringing an end to another glorious day at Heritage Fair.


Author: Margaret