The camera lens reflects the faces of eager students just bubbling up with excitement, looking forward to the days’ diversely planned activities. In the morning, after visiting the mesmeric Hat Creek Ranch, we bused to a view point to stretch our legs out after some travel time. As the bus slowly came to a stop, students unloaded, bustling with built up energy. Cameras were taken out of their cases and exploding with action and the sound of multiple snaps going on at the same time. Groups of students would gather and take creative ‘selfies’ or group pictures all the while capturing unforgettable heritage fair memories. The whole picture-taking episode was memorable for everyone! We even captured a series of great ‘jumping pics’ 😉  Smiling and laughter resonated and the rolling hills of sunny Kamloops framed each and every picture. The students have formed unforgettable bonds and a drastic difference from yesterday is very noticeable. Already have people planned get-togethers after the fair in order to stay in contact with their fair buddies. What a truly special event to be a part of!

– Ana