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The Alumni Voice their Views on Learning about History! — July 25, 2014

The Alumni Voice their Views on Learning about History!

The Alumni have been working on a special project this last quarter. They have been reviewing the new, draft Social Studies curriculum from the BC Ministry of Education. The curriculum has been studied by teachers and other educational professionals. Now the BCHFS thinks it is time for our team of social studies veterans – the Alumni – to respond. Here are their thoughts:

We would like to support the new curriculum, because we appreciate the student-choice and the project based learning approaches. We feel that it will be engaging for students and will help them learn by fostering greater autonomy and critical thinking. We liked the new “curricular competencies”. Though, in the future we want to see the continued focus on applicable life skills–such as learning how to communicate with others, and the ability to make educated, critical decisions when presented with information.

Though overall we support the new curriculum, we would like a greater emphasis on, and involvement  of students in current events and discussion about how these contemporary issues link to the past. We would also like to learn many perspectives on issues, from all sides, and have students decide for themselves. We feel the critical thinking and questioning process of research is highly valuable and are glad to see the curriculum is moving this way.

On the other hand, because this process will be so much more open to student choice and interpretation, it may be harder for teachers to standardize learning across the Province.

This statement will also be sent to the Ministry along with a ringing endorsement of how well the Heritage Fairs Program fits into the Ministry’s new goals!

In the Driver’s Seat — July 3, 2014

In the Driver’s Seat

As the Heritage Provincial Fair of 2014 winds to an end, the contestants, alumni and chaperones all say their goodbyes. Hugs, handshakes, words and no shortage of tears are shared as we all say our goodbyes to friends that we have made in these short five days. We’ve shared and bonded over, Piggy backs, games of tag, our meals and heart wrenching speeches and toasts. As I said in my speech, going to the heritage fair is like riding a bus while being an alumni is like driving the bus. So enjoy the ride delegates because were driving this thing, and we don’t know a hundred percent what we’re doing. As this final entry is posted the delegates should keep this quote in their mind “don’t cry because it’s over smile because it happened”.

Author: Jack

To Meet Again —

To Meet Again

As our 2014 Provincial Fair is drawing to a peaceful close, everybody is taking photos, collecting emails, and making memories. Everybody is a mixture of oh my goodness the crazy heat is finally over and I’m going home at last and I can’t believe it’s already over I’m going to miss everyone so much. Besides delegates, directors, chaperones, and alumni have also all had a great time this year.

From the first bus/plane ride to Kamloops to the last ride or walk back to the residence, we have changed from completely confused strangers to good friends. When one was in need of help or guidance, it was handled and all the participants, organizer or delegate, learned to be their own leaders.

But now that big event everybody has been looking forward to is over, and everybody is parting ways, what will happen next?

Wait a moment. We are not all parting ways.

Many students are hoping to join the alumni program next year, and many alumni are registering again. Although we are parting for now, for the summer, maybe for a few years, we all know that our paths will all cross again.


2014 Alumni Delegation

Author: Jolie

The Final Day’s Events —

The Final Day’s Events

It seems that waking up early in the morning is getting harder and harder considering that we haven’t even had time to sit down and rest yet. Nonetheless, the group somehow finds hidden reserves of energy and manages to pull through the day, smiling and laughing. Here is a short recap of the daily events: We started the day bright and early, as usual, by splitting up into 4 groups and headed over to the Kamloops Museum for some fun and games. DSCF1386[1] We had a harsh shock into reality as we realized that most of us wouldn’t be able to survive in the wild as our ancestors did. DSCF1424[1] We also had a history class 101 about out marvelous host city. DSCF1395[1] Next, we visited the Secwepemc Museum where we learned about the harsh conditions that the First Nations lived through during the reign of the Residential Schools. We had the privilege of visiting a traditional Pow Wow arena where the largest annual Powow of western Canada is held. DSCF1432[1] To end the busy day, the entire group met up in Riverside Park to subsequently split up into 3 groups and alternate with very pleasing activities. Each activity lasted an hour each and we took part in a cemetery visit, shopping and geocaching. DSCF1471[1] DSCF1455[1] To end this inspiring trip, we bonded and exchanged phone numbers over a delicious traditional mandarin meal. It ended with touching speeches from the directors and alumni to wrap up a majestic journey. DSCF1490[1] DSCF1492[1] As the sun set on the last evening, we all sat outside on campus and watched the sunset as we licked our fudgesicles and laughed into the evening. From the whole Alumni team; we wish you a safe trip back and will be looking forward to seeing some of you next year! Author: Ana

How lucky we are… — July 2, 2014

How lucky we are…

When you think of Canada, what enters your mind? Is it maple syrup?  Mounties? Or our red leaf lying on a field of white? All of these are very common things for people to think of when our great country is mentioned. But there is something that is very over looked in Canada, and that is how diverse the people that live here are. We are one of the few countries in the world that is fortunate enough to support ethnic diversity in our culture, to find an example of this one needs look no further than look at the Canada day celebrations in Kamloops. As my fellow alumni and I wandered through the Multi-national wonderland of food, smelling exotic spices and sweet scents I realized that we are very fortunate. Not only for the delectable cuisines that all these cultures bring to the table but also because of the different perspectives that they show us making us realize how fortunate we were to live in the true north, strong, and free.   


Author: Jack

Discovering Shuswap Culture —

Discovering Shuswap Culture

From the durable lean-to shelters, to their beautiful traditional dress, discovering the Shuswap First Nation culture was an interesting highlight of our Provincial Fair. We visited the Hat Creek ranch on our second day, which was where we saw the First Nation area. Between the crafts, sports, and the overall tour, everybody enjoyed our visit to the Shuswap area very much.


In the beginning, no one knew what to expect  of the tour, but as time slipped by, it became apparent that this would certainly not be a boring tour. The ground was left untouched by cement and cars, our amazing tour guides wore traditional clothing, and everything was designed perfectly to immerse us all in an environment before modern development.

The Shuswap peoples’ resourcefulness was a surprise to many of us. For instance, they used all parts of the plants. Cattail stalk was used for shelters, and then the other parts were reserved for every other purpose imaginable: it was edible, and even usable for fire fuel or diapers. In the rain, cattail expands to seal shelters and in the heat, it would dry up and contract to let in the breeze while still providing shade. Their usage of nature was a stark contrast to today’s culture of buy one thing, use it for one thing, then chuck it in the garbage can and forget it ever existed. It made us all much more aware of how much stuff we really had, and even how wasteful many people have become.


As our trip to Hat Creek drew to a close with a fun group game, we all left with wonderful memories and thoughts of how people a handful of generations ago lived. For all of us, it was like a trip back in time; no cars (we rode a stagecoach), internet, cell phones, Starbucks…the list goes on.

Author: Jolie

Day 3 – Events —

Day 3 – Events

With the sun streaming into the dorm rooms, we awoke feeling a little more patriotic than normal, as it  is Canada Day. After rushing through breakfast  we were giving red and white fedoras adorned with maple leaf ribbons.


Hustled onto the bus we arrived at Riverside Park, our large pavilion hosted all 60 students under a white tent. After all the poster boards were set up, the opening ceremonies started. Parading through the park, led by a marching band of bagpipe players and RCMP we trooped behind with smiles, cheering as passerby’s waved their paper flags at us.

DSCF1279[1] DSCF1280[1] DSCF1285[1]

We eventually made it to the front of the stage where we were seated in the front row, among us stood politicians and dignitaries. We listened to long speeches all loosely based around preserving history, multiculturalism and patriotism for what felt like days because of the beating hot sun.

DSCF1296[1] DSCF1297[1] DSCF1315[1]

Finally the open ceremonies came to an end, students came back withered from the heat but excited to showcase their projects. As the day wore on we were all given precious pink slips allowing us to skip the long hellish lines and receive food of our choice, as the fairgrounds were plentiful of diverse cuisines. We all became weary as the constant heat and lack of a breeze fatigued us, but became comforted by the softness of the grass.  Eight hours of showcasing was concluded as we boarded the bus back to the residence.With short notice we changed and headed to Chapters Viewpoint restaurant .

DSCF1353[1] DSCF1357[1]

Upon arriving back at the residence, we made pictographs and had cake.

DSCF1363[1] DSCF1366[1] DSCF1372[1] DSCF1377[1]

Canada Day came to an end after an amazing fireworks display and after a long and tiring day we finally had time to rest.


Author: Teagan

“1-2-3-SMILE!” — July 1, 2014


The camera lens reflects the faces of eager students just bubbling up with excitement, looking forward to the days’ diversely planned activities. In the morning, after visiting the mesmeric Hat Creek Ranch, we bused to a view point to stretch our legs out after some travel time. As the bus slowly came to a stop, students unloaded, bustling with built up energy. Cameras were taken out of their cases and exploding with action and the sound of multiple snaps going on at the same time. Groups of students would gather and take creative ‘selfies’ or group pictures all the while capturing unforgettable heritage fair memories. The whole picture-taking episode was memorable for everyone! We even captured a series of great ‘jumping pics’ 😉  Smiling and laughter resonated and the rolling hills of sunny Kamloops framed each and every picture. The students have formed unforgettable bonds and a drastic difference from yesterday is very noticeable. Already have people planned get-togethers after the fair in order to stay in contact with their fair buddies. What a truly special event to be a part of!

– Ana

Friendships and Provincial Fair Tips! —

Friendships and Provincial Fair Tips!

Our heritage fair projects can be compared to our new friendships we make in heritage fair. At first they all look different, but as we look closer we realize they are some similarities, small at first but as we get to know each person individually the similarities grow!

Friendships are one of the most amazing things that you can gain at the Provincial Fair. Where else do you get to make amazing friends from  all across the province at the same time! These friendships include games on the bus, inside jokes and a crazy strong connections with these kids who you just met! Speaking from experience my friends that I met at  heritage fair are some of the best friends I have ever had and I can’t wait to meet some more. Image


If hanging out at Hat Creek Ranch, bring bug spray or prepare to be eaten ALIVE.

If you don’t know how to meet friends, start a conversation about your favourite pizza toppings.

Make sure you have someone wake you up!

Author: Sara

Day 2 – Events —

Day 2 – Events

Day 2 of Provincial Heritage Fair is already over. The day started out with wake up calls ad breakfast before loading buses to go to Hat Creek Historic Ranch.


On the way to the ranch, the group stopped to take a group photo at the beautiful Kamloops Lake lookout.


When we arrived at the ranch the students were separated into 4 groups according to delegations to rotate between activities.


One of the activities that the students had was that they got a tour of the Native site and learned many different things from smoking food to pit houses.


Another activity was drum making were the students made miniature replicas of First Nations drums.


For a third activity the students got a tour of the original Roadhouse at Hat Creek and learned what life would have been like for miners and the people living in the small community.


The last activity students got to do was going on a stage coach ride around the ranch and then pan for gold and river rubies like real miners. DSCF1123[1]DSCF1125[1]DSCF1128[1]DSCF1131[1]

After their first two activities, the students had lunch of Subway sandwiches.


To finish of the time at the Ranch, we played a game of Wolf’s tail.


The delegations then boarded the buses for Ashcroft. There were two activities in Ashcroft. The first was at the Ashcroft museum where the students had a scavenger hunt.


The other activity was pictures and exploring the community heritage park.


The buses then left for Logan Lake for a barbeque and on the way stopped at the viewpoint overlooking the Copper Pit Mine.


The bus rides were spent playing games, singing songs and trading pins.


At Logan Lake we had a barbeque and then left to go back to Kamloops.


Once back we change into bathing suits and went over to the swimming pool.

DSCF1181[1] DSCF1185[1] DSCF1184[1]

Then back to the hotel and bed time, bringing an end to another glorious day at Heritage Fair.


Author: Margaret