If something scares you it might be a good thing to try. We hear this and think of spiders and skydiving yet do any of us think about missing home? We don’t recognize this as a fear until fear itself is being packed into a suitcase. Maybe the fear is not impacting you but others around you, the shy boy in the corner or the girl with tears in her eyes.

We come to Heritage Fair full of excitement, potential friends and amazing tours yet sometimes all we want to do is go home. But what we have to realize ,what we all have to realize, is that the only thing stronger than homesickness is regret. Five days out of three hundred and sixty five for an amazing experience is it really that much of a sacrifice? Maybe it is just our mindset  because really this is an incredible experience. One that is not to be forgotten! We may be doing our projects on history, but right now in this very moment we are making our own history. So why not make it great, because even though it scares you it will be a good thing to try.


Author: Sara, Kamloops-Thompson Alumni Delegate