Many important aspects like hard work, fluent speech, and stunning visuals contribute to an outstanding project, but I believe that the most important thing is to be enthusiastic.

Being enthusiastic about your project can really boost your overall presentation because you will actually want to do it, and nothing is better than a project that the maker enjoyed making. Here’s a bit of my own experience with this. In grades 5 and 6, I was unable to pick the topic I really wanted to do for the heritage fair because the teacher assigned the topic. I was stuck with the project “Alexander Graham Bell” for both of those years, it is by all means an excellent and interesting topic but it really wasn’t to my taste, and as a result, never even made the regional fair. But when grade 7 came, our teacher gave us full freedom as to what topic we wanted to do. Being a hockey fan and player, there was an obvious choice for me : Wayne Gretzky. I honestly thought that I worked harder and put more effort into the project, I also enjoyed talking about it and so I wasn’t hesitant on sharing my topic during the fairs. And it is during that year that I was given the chance to go to the provincial fairs and I had an awesome time there! Everyone there were so passionate about their own projects and I believe that it is also why they were able to do well.

All in all, being able to enjoy in making the project and teaching others about our heritage to me is a very precious thing, and I hope all of you can enjoy in this wonderful program and really start appreciating this amazing heritage we have.

Author: Daniel