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We Make Our Own History — June 30, 2014

We Make Our Own History

If something scares you it might be a good thing to try. We hear this and think of spiders and skydiving yet do any of us think about missing home? We don’t recognize this as a fear until fear itself is being packed into a suitcase. Maybe the fear is not impacting you but others around you, the shy boy in the corner or the girl with tears in her eyes.

We come to Heritage Fair full of excitement, potential friends and amazing tours yet sometimes all we want to do is go home. But what we have to realize ,what we all have to realize, is that the only thing stronger than homesickness is regret. Five days out of three hundred and sixty five for an amazing experience is it really that much of a sacrifice? Maybe it is just our mindset  because really this is an incredible experience. One that is not to be forgotten! We may be doing our projects on history, but right now in this very moment we are making our own history. So why not make it great, because even though it scares you it will be a good thing to try.


Author: Sara, Kamloops-Thompson Alumni Delegate

Hello Heritage Fair! —

Hello Heritage Fair!

The glowing red letters reading “Central Station” beam from the old stone historic Vancouver train station as 40 nervous delegates patiently wait for the bus.  Bubble wrapped poster boards, cardboard models and jittery parents follow behind. An hour passes with no sign of a bus, but no time is wasted  as students pull out city pins and card players congregate. Finally the bus arrives, as students embark parents wave goodbye, sending good wishes. The journey begins.

Within minutes chatter erupts, delegates become instant friends. Jokes are thrown about, conversations about Starbucks and games of truth or dare make the ride fly by. The four hour adventure ends as the bus approaches the looming Thompson Rivers University residential building. Allowing students to stretch out cramped limbs and stiff necks. But is the adventure really ending or just beginning?


Author: Teagan

Today’s Events – Day 1 —

Today’s Events – Day 1

Even for the first day, it was still filled to the brim with travel and activities.  Participants have come to Kamloops from all over BC, including Vancouver Island, the lower mainland, Northern BC and many other locations. Participants started to arrive at 1 and the last group came at 8:30. Once the students arrived they checked in and then went to their rooms, where the met their new roommate.

Later the students went downstairs where they met the other delegates and learned the art of pin trading.


Afterwards was a wonderful pizza dinner hosted by Thompson Rivers University.


The students were then split into their two groups and either went on a tour of the University or were given a lesson on the Secwepemc First Nation by one of the bands councilors.

The students then joined together and were lead in team games by the Alumni. These games included the knot game, Canadian Who AM I and Evolution. They had a lot of fun.


It was snack time before going to bed then lights out. The sun sets on the first day of the British Columbia Provincial Heritage Fair 2014.




Author: Margaret


The 2014 Provincial Fair Alumni Delegation — June 27, 2014

The 2014 Provincial Fair Alumni Delegation

I’m pleased to officially announce our Alumni Delegation to the Kamloops Provincial Heritage Fair of 2014! With only a week to go! We had a wonderfully successful Alumni Program this year, with a wide variety of excellent students from all across the province! I would be tickled pink if all the Alumni students in this year’s program remained engaged in their Heritage Fair communities come September. Each and every one of the contributed in meaningful ways through blog posts, project/ homework, discussion, and support for their Regional Fairs. We had a number of strong candidates this year and it was a difficult decision to narrow it down to our 6 Alumni representatives. Without further ado, below is the 2014 Alumni Delegation:

Jolie             Richmond-Delta Region

Margaret      North Vancouver Island

Teagan        Vancouver Region

Jack             Sea to Sky

Ana              Rivers to Sea

Sara             Kamloops-Thompson Region

I am excited to be at my first Provincial Fair as Alumni Coordinator and work with these terrific students. The Provincial Fair will be held in Kamloops on July 1st as part of the City’s Canada Day festival. The Alumni Delegation will be keeping everyone up-to-date on the goings on of the preparation days, host-city trips, and the Fair day itself through this blog. So keep your eyes peeled for updates, profiles, photographs, and much much more!




Dear Provincial Fair Students, —

Dear Provincial Fair Students,

Dear Students participating,

The Provincial Fair is approaching very soon! With less than one week to go, finalizing both your projects and your speeches is essential. Simple, easy things can help unexpected emergency repairs –- as we call them— and help your project survive the travelling and presenting ordeal. Here are a couple of useful tips that can come in handy in tough times:

1. Write your name on EVERYTHING: who knows who might have the same kind of cue card or the same set of pens. This avoids awkward confusions and lost items.

2. Put together a ziplock bag and fill it with extra gadgets such as pens, pencils, erasers, glue, paper clips, cue cards and an extra copy of your oral presentation. Label it “project extras”.

3. Put together a second ziplock bag and fill it with extra little things that may help your costume (that is, if you have one) in desperate times of need. For example, fill it with safety pins and a mini sewing kit and label the bag “costume extras”.

4. ALWAYS have a bottle of water with you as we will be exploring from sunrise until sunset!

5. Don’t be nervous! Remember that judges are humans too 😉 If you have a little stumble, take a deep breath and continue on.

6. Bring your best smile and your exploring hearts!

Well, these 6 tips should get you ready and excited for the provincial fair! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Author: Ana

For the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Landing — June 10, 2014

For the 70th Anniversary of the Normandy Landing

For the seventieth anniversary of the Normandy landing I’d like you to imagine you’re standing in a landing craft, a steel open-top ship containing about forty or so other men from your regiment, your friends. The smell of sea salt is thick in the air. Your feet are soaked because the door to the craft isn’t fully sealed so there’s water coming in the bottom. You’ve got a Lee-Enfield MK3 rifle slung over your shoulder and on your back you have a pack that weighs about 60 pounds. You’ve been standing for two or three hours, you’re exhausted and you haven’t even landed on the beach.

You’re getting closer. Off in the distance you can hear the thumping of artillery and the chattering of machine guns. You stumble forward slightly as you feel the ship’s bottom grind against the beach’s sand. The front of the ship slowly opens and as you run out of the ship with the rest of the troopers you hear your sergeant yell over the din of the mortar and machine gun fire, “Go get ’em boys!”. As you run up the beachhead you hear the screams of your fellow Canadians as they are hit by gunfire. The smell of salt is not tainted with the smells of blood and death. You sprint and crouch up against the cliff face waiting for some more men to arrive so that you can proceed onwards with the mission.

This is what the men of the Canadian army storming Juno Beach seventy years ago experienced. The missions were a complete success with all of the Allied forces on a constant advance and the Axis troops on the retreat. It was the beginning of the end for the Axis. But the horrors of the Normandy beaches were something that all of the survivors would carry with them for the rest of their lives.

Author: Jack

Enthusiasm : The key to an outstanding project — June 6, 2014

Enthusiasm : The key to an outstanding project

Many important aspects like hard work, fluent speech, and stunning visuals contribute to an outstanding project, but I believe that the most important thing is to be enthusiastic.

Being enthusiastic about your project can really boost your overall presentation because you will actually want to do it, and nothing is better than a project that the maker enjoyed making. Here’s a bit of my own experience with this. In grades 5 and 6, I was unable to pick the topic I really wanted to do for the heritage fair because the teacher assigned the topic. I was stuck with the project “Alexander Graham Bell” for both of those years, it is by all means an excellent and interesting topic but it really wasn’t to my taste, and as a result, never even made the regional fair. But when grade 7 came, our teacher gave us full freedom as to what topic we wanted to do. Being a hockey fan and player, there was an obvious choice for me : Wayne Gretzky. I honestly thought that I worked harder and put more effort into the project, I also enjoyed talking about it and so I wasn’t hesitant on sharing my topic during the fairs. And it is during that year that I was given the chance to go to the provincial fairs and I had an awesome time there! Everyone there were so passionate about their own projects and I believe that it is also why they were able to do well.

All in all, being able to enjoy in making the project and teaching others about our heritage to me is a very precious thing, and I hope all of you can enjoy in this wonderful program and really start appreciating this amazing heritage we have.

Author: Daniel