1. Make friends with people in your region: Most activities at the Provincial Fair require you to have a partner. Don’t make friends with just one person and stay with them the whole time. Instead, make friends with all in your region, so you will always have a partner and get stuck with someone you don’t know. The reason you make friends with those in your region is because you all will go onto the same bus, and possibly be on the same floor. (In the building you will live in)

2. Be prepared to present your project: If you heard the judges say something you could improve on during your interview, make sure you fix or change it. Don’t fool around before you go to the camp, and review the facts, so you don’t mess up while presenting.

3. “Upgrade” your project: Make sure the visual appeal of your project is at it’s highest notch, as many people will visit the provincial fair. In my view, I would say double as many people come. If your project seems like it’s missing something, but your project is at it’s highest visual appeal, maybe it’s your dialogue, or the overall “feel” of your project.

4. Don’t hesitate to ask: Other chaperons are happy to help whenever you don’t know where your chaperon is. I don’t suggest asking your friend for times and questions like that, just because they might not know exactly the answer to your question, or get the answer wrong.

5. PINS!!!!: This may seem weird and all, but the biggest “social” thing that happens at the Provincial Fair is trading pins. You get all these cool and funky pins from trading your own region’s pins. If you think the pins you own are useless, think again. You might be the only one who has that one pin, but most importantly, make sure you go to the city hall and ask politely for pins, and they happily will probably give them to you for free.

6. Enjoy your time at the Provincial Fair: The week will go by so quickly, you’ll regret not relishing every moment. Even if the pictures on the flyer look boring, or creepy, don’t worry. I was once in your spot, thinking that it would somehow be “summer school”. It actually was more like field trips every day, and fun, fun, fun.

7. Make conversations happen: Make sure you talk to the audience in a sense of casually, but the “formal” type of casual. Maintain a steady flow of facts and info, throwing in bits while conversing. Believe me, having a little chat full of your facts is MUCH easier than trying to link all your facts together and not letting your audience give feedback or replies. It’s also much easier for the audience.

8. And last of all……:HAVE FUN, make sure your project is absolutely amazing, be proud you made it to the provincial fair, make tons of friends, trade pins, enjoy your time there ,and look for moi(me in french, if you didn’t know).




P.S. I can’t emphasize this enough, ENJOY YOUR TIME!!!