Alumni, prepare yourselves for this month’s challenge: GET INVOLVED!

From helping with activities, workshops or set-up to T-shirt design, adjudicating, and even co-coordination(!) Alumni around the province are getting involved with their Regional Fairs and demonstrating excellent leadership in the Heritage Fairs community.

I look forward to working with the Richmond-Delta Alumni at my local Fair– what can you do for yours?! Fair Coordinators always appreciate an extra set of hands!

Many of the province’s Fairs are also open to visitors, so check out what’s happening in your Region! Even so much as visiting and chatting with a few student-participants will complete this month’s assignment.

Here is a list of upcoming Fairs in BC:

Fraser Valley                    Thursday April24th      MSA Museum

Okanagan                          Thursday April24th      Laruel Packing House

Northern                            Friday April25th      Hudson’s Hope School

Richmond Delta                 Friday May2nd     Minoru Cultural Centre

South Vancouver Island   Friday May 2nd      Royal BC Museum

North Vancouver Island   Friday May2nd     Echo Center & Alberni Valley Museum

Vancouver                         Thursday May8th      Killarney Secondary School

Kamlooops-Thompson     Thursday May8th     Henry Grube Education Center

Sea to Sky                           Friday May9th       North Vancouver Museum & Archives

Rivers to Sea                     Friday May9th      Burnaby Village Museum

Prince George                   Friday May9th      Prince George Civic Center

NorthWestern                    Friday May23rd      North Pacific Coast Cannery

You can always get more information online at or by contacting your Regional Coordinator.