Maybe you’re new to Heritage Fair, and you are trying to pick the topic for your very first Heritage Fair project. Or, maybe you’re an expert, and have made a Heritage Fair project every year for the last three years, but now you have run out of topic ideas off the top of your head. Whatever the case, hopefully this post will help give you an idea of somewhere to start.

The first place to look is in your family history. Is there someone related to you who made an impact on Canadian history (even if it was only a minor one)? This is where first I looked when I chose the topic for my project. Ask around your family… who knows? Maybe your grandma’s relative was a prosperous gold miner? Maybe when your father was growing up he learned about an ancestor of his who mapped much of the Canadian Arctic? There are many possible family connections, you just have to look. Just remember not to pick someone/ thing only because of your connection. If it doesn’t interest you, don’t pick it.

The second place to look is in you. Do you have a passion for something, like soccer or dance? Art? Do you have an idol, who is Canadian? Maybe that’s the best route to go. Just keep in mind, that sometimes it is better to choose someone who is less well-known. The judges like to learn about new things, places and people, and sometimes they can get bored if tons of people choose the same topic. Or, if you are doing a more common topic, maybe put an unusual twist on it.

If you still can’t find the right topic for your project, try looking in Canadian history magazines, like Canada’s History Magazine (formerly called the Beaver), or Kayak Magazine. You can also look on their websites:, and Your local museum, library or other online sites also are good for inspiration. Here are two more helpful links to websites:

I really hope this post has helped you decide on a good topic for you, and that you have fun making your Heritage Fair project!

Author: Samantha