There is a time in your heritage fair journey were you have all of your information done and all you have to do is make your board have that wow factor. I have been in a spot like this and sometimes it can be hard to find out what you’re going to do with your project board. There are so many ways you can decorate your board and today I am going to get your brain going with creative decor ideas.

Painting. Painting can make your board look alive. Look at your board then look at your topic, for example say my project is on Tim Hortons I could simply go to Google images and print out a bunch of pictures or I could paint the logo in the back round.

Teabag staining is by far the best way to make your board look old. You could paint half of your board and tea stain the other make the memory stay alive in history.

Like I was saying before you could simply go to Google images and print out the back ground but there is a more advanced way of doing this. You can print one page of your back ground and then take it to Staples they will blow the picture up and it will fit on you board. At the end of the day painting and tea bag staining is the best.

Hope you have lots of fun trying these out always try these out on a piece of paper before you do this on your board. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!

Author: Anisha